Indie shooter Tenement costs over $9000 in Brazil

Only $9.99 in the United States

13 February 2024
by camcritiques 9

Indie game Tenement, a fast-paced 2D shooter that launched last month, has an absurdly high price in Brazil, site reader César Tribst has noticed. The game, which costs $9.99 USD on the US eShop, is going for a whopping 45,000 Brazilian Real, or, at the time of writing, over $9,083 USD.

Image courtesy of César Tribst
Image courtesy of César Tribst

Whether or not this is some kind of error is unclear. But, for the time being, if you want to play Tenement and you live in Brazil, you might want to change your account region before buying.

Thanks to César Tribst for the heads up!

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19d ago

I noticed that wasn't an isolated case, that's the most expensive one, but the game Monster Legacy New Horizons is costing 2400 Brazilian Real and Twilight Survivor that's set for release on 15/02 is listed for 14745,20 Brazilian Real. Just for reference an new Switch Oled costs around 2400 Brazilian Real

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18d ago

Thanks Cesar, the first news I saw about my game was this legendary article. Yeh I think nintendo/xe confuses people when pricing :) See my youtube you get a mention lol.

Thanks for the mention on the YouTube, I guess that you were trying to set the price for 45 reais? Gotta say that despite looking interesting, I'm not gonna buy your game even with an 90% descount, it's beyond my financial capacity XD. Hope you get an random sale from someone with a lot of money to spare



18d ago


haha yes I was aiming for about 7 or 8 us for south american countries, but it's confusing to us Brits (lol). See pricing for Argentina/Columbia etc (I believe it's correct there, though might still be overpriced compared to wages etc, didn't realise). I would like to send you a code for a free copy for getting me some press :) send me an email I will send out the code... and anyone else who is interested could also chance it, I have many to give out!!.. Gaz (

Thank you that's generous, I had a bit of trouble finding your email on the website, can I send through the Contact Us there even if It says Architecture Studio?


18d ago


haha yeh that site is not finished, see my youtube you can get the email by clickigng on the bit where it says WWW.TYNEPUNK.COM APP & GAME DEV on main page.

Send you an Email, hope you received.


16d ago


got it thanks. replied :)