The Pokémon Company has announced that they’re partnering with HEROZ Inc. to develop an AI program known as “Pokémon Battle Scope” (or PBS for short). They’ll be making use of this program during the upcoming Pokémon Dragon King Tournament 2024 . It uses machine learning in order to help explain various aspects of the game on screen, in an attempt to make things more accessible.

So what does the PBS actually do? During the battle, it will try to predict various aspects of the match. This includes what the most likely moves will be for each player on their next turns. According to The Pokémon Company, information such as the Pokémon’s type, characteristics, weather conditions, and more, will be analyzed in order to develop accurate predictions. PBS will even give odds on which player it thinks is going to win the battle. The idea is that this will help viewers who are new to the game understand what choices the players are making and why.

Above, you can see an unfinalized concept for what that screen might look like. The Pokémon Dragon King Tournament 2024 will take place later this month, on February 25, 2024. We’ll see what the final version of the Pokémon Battle Scope looks like then, and how well it works in action.

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4M ago

This is kinda strange.
It feels like as long as you have a good commentator, you wouldn't need this at all.