You might remember a bit of confusion surrounding Microsoft Game Pass and the potential for it to come to Switch. For a couple of years there, it seemed Microsoft wanted to bring the service to both Nintendo and PlayStation fans, but nothing ever came of it. More recently, we heard one part of the Xbox team say the plan was still to bring Game Pass over, and that was followed by another statement saying the complete opposite. If you were still feeling confused, we have the definitive answer for you today.

During the Official Xbox Podcast, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer made it very clear that Game Pass is going to stay an Xbox and PC proposition. In definitive fashion, Spencer came right out and said that Microsoft knows “that Game Pass will only be available on Xbox.” That means its case-closed on the matter going forward.

Now, as you very well know, things could change in the future. Hell, just today Microsoft confirmed plans to bring four more games to Switch. You never know how things will shake out as the years roll on, and there could be a time where Game Pass branches out. All we know for sure is that that time is not right now.

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DeuxMichaels in shambles rn


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Because Nintendo would never let them do it. It would be a direct competition with their own NSO. Same with Sony. Pretty logic. But Spencer gotta PR talk. It's his job!