The Pokémon X Hatsune Miku collaboration has been in its musical phase for awhile now. As previously reported, this collaboration, known as “Project Voltage 18 Types 18 Songs,” has been releasing Hatsune Miku x Pokémon songs over the last few weeks, and today brings us the latest song.

The thirteenth song, “Eon Ticket” in the Pokémon X Hatsune Miku collaboration, has been released. This song comes from the artist marasy and has gotten an official music video as well. Check out the tune and video above!

Marasy is a Japanese pianist and composer who is well-known for his activities on Niconico and YouTube. The name “marasy” was derived from the Pokémon Quilava. Marasy has reached over 700 million views and over 1.8 million YouTube channel subscribers with content covering music from anime, games, VOCALOIDs, and J-Pop, as well as original compositions. (h/t Fandom)

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