Last week, a number of rumors cropped up indicating that Nintendo’s next console wouldn’t be hitting shelves until 2025. Although people have been predicting a follow-up to the Switch for a while now, unconfirmed reports made it clear that they aren’t quite ready for a launch this year.

This week, those rumors have been corroborated up by Bernstein Research, a trusted and noteworthy research firm. See the quote as shared by games and tech analyst Takashi Mochizuki below:

According to this statement, the next Nintendo console was originally planned for a 2024 release, but was pushed back to sometime in early 2025. We could speculate on what could cause such a delay, but it’s anybody’s guess.

Remember, all of this is still unconfirmed, as Nintendo has yet to even acknowledge the existence of a new piece of hardware. That said, with this many sources all giving the same information, it’s difficult not to buy into it at least a little. Plus, even if there is truth to the delay, things could always change. As usual, all we can do is wait until Nintendo decides to reveal their plans.

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4M ago

Good things come who those that wait...pennies put to one side and ready to hit preorder as soon as the announcement drops 😊


4M ago

I’m glad. Nintendo-only gamer here, and I have a big backlog to get through, not to mention a wishlist of physical cartridges I still need to procure. I could use a nice quiet 2024 on the Switch homefront.