Contra: Operation Galuga launches on Switch on March 12, 2024, and there’s a free demo available for you to give it a test run. If you’ve had the chance to try that demo out, developer WayForward wants to know what you thought of it.

In a new survey WayForward shared on Twitter, participants can give their take on their experience with the Operation Galuga demo. Some of the questions asked include how players felt about the game’s controls, difficulty level, weapons, sound, and visuals. Most are multiple choice, but there are also some spots where survey takers can write in their own detailed answers.

With the game only a few weeks away from release, it’s doubtful that the results of this survey will have much impact on the final product. Still, it’s encouraging to see WayForward seeking general feedback this early. Depending on the results, maybe we’ll see some of that feedback incorporated into future updates.

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2M ago

I definitely took this one. The Switch version of the demo is just not at an acceptable level of quality. It runs so badly and has extremely input lag. It's practically unplayable for a Contra game. I also played the PS5 demo, and while that version does run a lot better, it also has severe input lag. Contra deserves better.

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