Retro Redrawn is an art collective that allows various pixel artists to reimagine scenes and locations from retro video games. In 2021, they created Johto Redrawn, a recreation of the Johto region from Pokémon Gold and Silver. Now, they’ve completed work on the original Pokémon region, Kanto.

Check out Retro Redrawn’s web site to explore the final results of this art project in detail. There, you’re able to look over the entire region map in its original form, as well as its new incarnation. Of course, the newly redone version has a lot more to offer. It’s more detailed, with more vibrant colors, and lots more people and Pokémon populating every area. It’s a great, nostalgic way for Pokémon fans to reexperience this classic game!

Click here to check out the Kanto and Johto Redrawn projects for yourself, or visit Retro Redrawn’s homepage for their previous works.

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