Last year’s breakout hit Dave the Diver is getting a Japanese physical release in the from of Dave the Diver ANNIVERSARY EDITION, published by Arc System Works. The cartridge will hit store shelves on Thursday, May 30th at a MSRP of 4,950 yen. You can see the announcement trailer above to see an overview of what the package will include.

Early purchasers will receive a set of 3 stickers and a soundtrack CD, pictured below:


As a special addition for this release, customers wearing cosplay based on Arc System Work’s Guilty Gear -Strive- will appear at your sushi restaurant, the Guilty Gear -Strive- song ‘The Disaster of Passion’ will be available in the game’s rhythm mini game.

Finally, and English version of this announcement has also been shared, but it once again shows the Japanese physical release. That said, it’s specifically mentioned the team will let players in other regions know when the physical option becomes available to pre-order. You can watch the announcement below.

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