The first 3D incarnation of the Ninja Gaiden series was released by Team Ninja twenty years ago today, on March 2nd, 2004. In celebration of the anniversary, Team Ninja shared a new montage video and a brief message (above) on Twitter.

The message comes from the head of Team Ninja, Fumihiko Yasuda. He thanks fans for their years of enthusiasm and feedback, which he says the team has taken to heart since their inception. Unfortunately, there’s no hints about a new Ninja Gaiden game coming any time soon, but he does say that Team Ninja “will continue in our dedication to create exciting games for everyone to enjoy”.

The 2004 Ninja Gaiden game is currently available on Nintendo Switch as part of the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection. This includes Ninja Gaiden Sigma, which is a reworked version of the original game with additional content. Check it out on the eShop if you want to celebrate the anniversary today!

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3M ago

I had Ninja Gaiden at least 32 years ago on my Atari Lynx : )

bahamut omega

3M ago


I think if we're going with the arcade and NES outings, I'd look about 35 years for the actual start of the franchise. Had to look it up, and found out I'm right with the NES games.

Yes time flies haha

..and then at least 30 years ago I sold the Lynx with all my games to buy the Game Boy with Links Awakening. No regrets here to be honest, I still have it ^-^