The new Donkey Kong themed area of Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open this Spring in Universal Studios Japan. As the area nears completion, more and more images of its rides and attractions are beginning to emerge. The latest of these is a photo of an updated park map, courtesy of yuya on Twitter. The map includes both the Mario and Donkey Kong sections of the park:

This map provides our best look yet at how the Donkey Kong area will connect to the previously built section. It also gives us a detailed look at the layout, and where all the rides and shops will be in relation to each other. You can also see appearances from some familiar faces like Cranky Kong, Rambi the Rhino, and Squawks the Parrot!

Here in North America, we’ve got a ways to go before we get a version of this Donkey Kong land for ourselves. Until then, we’ll continue to amuse ourselves with every tease and tidbit we can get our hands on.

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