Nintendo of Europe now handling distribution in Saudi Arabia

Taking over for Nintendo of Japan

02 March 2024
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Nintendo of Europe is now handling all Nintendo operations in Saudi Arabia, including marketing, online infrastructure, and distribution via AIC Trading. Previously, Nintendo’s presence in Saudi Arabia was handled by Nintendo Co. Ltd. in Japan. This news comes to us from NintendoSoup, who reports that the change came into effect sometime in the second half of 2023.

Nintendo customers currently living in Saudi Arabia can expect to see some changes going forward in the way that they purchase and receive games. It seems likely that Nintendo of Europe will implement an improved online distribution system, allowing residents to more easily buy and access download codes for games on the Switch eShop. This would mirror NOE’s actions in other regions such as Israel, South Africa, and Australia.

Outside of Saudi Arabia, the rest of the Middle East is still being handled by Nintendo of Japan, although this could change in the future. We also saw Nintendo France and Nintendo Benelux absorbed into Nintendo of Europe last summer, so it isn’t unusual to see them taking more regions under their umbrella.

We’ll see how this change affects customers in Saudi Arabia throughout 2024, as well as how things carry over to Nintendo’s eventual Switch successor. Hopefully, all developments are positive. Click here for a more detailed breakdown of what this shift could mean.

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