Retro Studios shares job listing for Product Tester

They must be testing something...

02 March 2024
by quence 2

Fans have been waiting for a new Retro Studios game release for years now, after continued delays of Metroid Prime 4. As anticipation continues to build, a new Product Tester job listing shared by the developer could be an indication that they’re nearing completion on one or more projects.

The job listing calls for a full time employee who is skilled in the areas of testing and debugging software, among other duties. The job also calls for previous experience in quality assurance, and knowledge and proficiency that would come in handy for video game testing. We can’t say for sure whether or not this job listing has anything to do with progress on Metroid Prime 4, but it’s certainly encouraging that Retro is still hiring and working on things behind the scenes.

Click here to view the job listing and apply for yourself, or see more details below.


  • Develop and execute test plans to confirm developer requirements and discover defects in pre-released software.

  • Create detailed reports of defects for development staff daily.
  • Conducts compliance testing to ensure software meets regulatory and/or performance standards or requirements.
  • Tests software for reliability, consistency, absence of product defects and compliance.
  • Tests and verifies resolved defects to ensure quality control.
  • Works closely with Retro Production and development staff to debug issues.
  • Ensures defects are properly tracked.
  • Assist in testing in house development tools.
  • Tests drivers for various software updates.
  • Support development staff by testing features/gimmicks.
  • Carries out routine tasks and procedures.
  • Operates within the context of defined procedures.
  • Receives work in the form of short-term assignments with processed outlines.


  • 1 to 3 years of quality assurance experience preferred.

  • Experience working on and shipping AAA titles preferred.

  • Excellent knowledge of video game industry.
  • Proficient experience with development hardware.
  • Requires an excellent eye for detail.
  • Proficient problem-solving skills.
  • Basic development tools experience.
  • Working knowledge of video game development process.

  • Thorough knowledge of Nintendo and industry related products preferred.

  • Ability to identify software problems efficiently and effectively.

  • Proficient PC skills (Excel, Word, JIRA, Confluence, video capture software, etc.)
  • Understanding of technical libraries used in video game development.

  • Proficient organizational and interpersonal skills required.
  • Proficient communication skills.

  • Previous experience with file management, bug tracking, product testing required.

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Comments (2)


5M ago

Good for Retro for keeping up the charade that Metroid Prime 4 is a real thing.

But I know better.


5M ago

Could be a new retro studios rpg in the making or something, i think thats a genre that they both havent done before, and would take alot of time to get the best one in the market. Nice that they still seem to make games atleast.