The NES has officially been out of commission for a few decades now, but a new crop of developers have managed to keep it alive in the modern gaming era. One of those developers is Morphcat Games, who has produced a number of brand new titles specifically for NES hardware in recent years. In a new interview with Nintendo Life, the dev team comments on their design philosophy, and the challenges of creating games for dated hardware.

NES games produced by Morphcat Games include Micro Mages, Spacegulls, and Triple Jump, which will be released soon on physical hardware. Although releasing these games on actual NES cartridges requires a lot more work, developer Nicolas Bétoux says the end results are worth the struggle:

Bringing [out] a new game is tough and expensive to produce, but it’s such a pleasure to see people enjoying the final result. There’s also a part of nostalgia for the people who grew up during the 8-bit era, but we noticed that new gamers also enjoy this old-school physical experience, looking to buy a NES console and having fun discovering old and new games.

[Nicolas Bétoux, Nintendo Life]

Morphcat Games also teases a potential project for the Switch (or other modern consoles) sometime in 2024. As Bétoux says, “The Nintendo Switch is a great console for local multiplayer games, and much easier than finding an NES Four Score.” Could this be a hint that some of their games could be coming to Switch for easier multiplayer access? We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

For more insight into how Morphcat Games operates, check out the full interview, or watch the video below detailing the development of one of their earlier games:

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