The Mario/Donkey Kong rivalry is back in the spotlight thanks to the recent remake of Mario vs. Donkey Kong on Switch. In light of that, a new promo video on the family oriented Play Nintendo channel asks the question: Are these two mascots “Fierce Rivals or Best Buddies?”. Mostly, this is an excuse to show off footage from various Switch games featuring Mario and/or DK. Watch now to enjoy glimpses of games like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and of course, Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

Love friendly competitions? Well, you’re going to love learning all about Mario and Donkey Kong! Let’s see how these two stack up in problem solving, flexing their strength, showing off their speed skills, and so much more! Are they fierce rivals or best buddies? Get ready to learn all about Mario and Donkey Kong!

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