Actor John Bradley shares his love of GoldenEye 007 on N64

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12 March 2024
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In a promotion for their upcoming Netflix show, the cast of 3 Body Problem were asked to relive their early video game experiences that first “blew their minds”. Actor John Bradley (also of Game of Thrones) shares an anecdote about his love for GoldenEye 007 on the N64, something many of us can no doubt relate to.

Bradley mentions the highlights of split-screen multiplayer gameplay that GoldenEye provided. Specifically, he talks about how immersive and realistic it felt at the time. Read his full quote below:

Goldeneye on N64, yeah. That was it, really. The multiplayer level of that game where you’re walking around these sets with your gun and you just see the tiny little flash of somebody in the corner of your eye. The fear, the excitement, is really a real thing in the moment of death when the blood trickles down. There’s something about that. It’s like your soul leaves your body. It feels like death when that happens. I made it through, but I remember that being huge for me when I was growing up.

[John Bradley,]

Click here to check out the full interview clip, and to hear the answers of Bradley’s co-stars.

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