Publisher Ares has announced that they’ll be bringing the romantic visual novel Hakkenden to the Switch sometime in the Fall of 2024. Hakkenden was previously available on PC, but this will be its first time coming to consoles.

Hakkenden takes place during the Sengoku Period, a time of great war and upheaval in Japan during the 15th and 16th centuries. The game will see you navigating the romantic lives of various fighters during this time. Ares has also promised that a limited special edition of the game will be released that will include some extras, although no specifics have been mentioned. Stay tuned as we await more details and a firm release date.

Washing blood with blood, in an era when people wage wars earnestly for a small plot of land, the Sengoku period.

Kanto region, in the small mountains, even though autumn has ended for some time, the crimson leaves still blossom, the blooming and falling of these crimson leaves seemingly continue eternally.

At first, everyone wonders, but their suspicion gradually fades. After a while, the influential people at the time name this era “Kowa.”

With the leaves slowly spreading throughout the region, a small cult worshiping the crimson leaves, calling themselves Shuukyou, has risen among the people.

Time passes, and it is now the 18th year of Kowa. When the hapless fates of those who live in this harsh world intertwine, the end of an era begins.

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