In a new press release, developer Hyperfocus Games announced that the upcoming retro-inspired wrestling game Ultra Pro Wrestling, set for launch later this year, would be collaborating with Ohio Valley Wrestling for its first DLC pack sometime after launch in 2025. Here are the full details:

Hyperfocus Games today proudly announces that Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), the prestigious wrestling promotion that has been a breeding ground for wrestling’s legends and Hall of Famers since its inception in 1993, is coming to Ultra Pro Wrestling as Downloadable Content.

Celebrated in the global Netflix hit series Wrestlers, OVW’s integration into UPW is poised to deliver an unparalleled virtual wrestling experience.

Sam Vallely, Director at Hyperfocus Games, said: “This agreement between UPW and OVW is a milestone in wrestling gaming, By integrating OVW’s storied legacy into UPW’s multi-promotion platform, we’re not just expanding our videogame - we’re honouring the history and looking towards a bright future for one of wrestling’s most influential organisations. From inception, OVW have helped create superstars and Hall of Famers. Now, we can proudly say, they’ll play a part in helping us bring a legendary videogame series back to the ring in 2025.”

The OVW DLC pack is anticipated to launch in 2025. Fans and players can look forward to more details on the full scope of content, including which current OVW stars will be featured, in the upcoming announcements.

  • Legendary OVW Championship Belts: Compete for beautifully recreated versions of OVW’s historic titles, each with its storied legacy.
  • Authentic OVW Branding: Dive into an immersive OVW experience with genuine logos and branding elements, bringing the spirit of the promotion to life in-game.
  • The iconic Davis Arena: Experience the electrifying atmosphere of the Davis Arena, meticulously crafted to replicate the venue’s famed wrestling ambiance.
  • Exclusive music: Relive the intensity of OVW matches with original music scores that have defined the promotion’s exhilarating events.

As OVW’s head trainer and booker, Al Snow’s expertise and wrestling acumen have been invaluable in shaping this partnership. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mickie James, Ed Payer, and Tony LaRusso, whose tireless efforts and dedication were instrumental in finalising this ground-breaking collaboration. Their commitment to wrestling and to this partnership underscores the collaborative spirit that drives the industry forward.

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[Hyperfocus Games PR]

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1M ago

I hope they aren’t biting off more than they can chew. Also there’s an excessive amount of paid dlc for this game that’s still a ways a way from release that’s concerning.

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