Publisher Bitmap Soft and developer Werebear Games have announced that Brookwood Pocket Tactics is now available for pre-order via their online store. This is a tactics strategy game that is being published exclusive for the Game Boy Color.

Click here for more details and to pre-order the game for £45.00 (about $57.00 USD). It’s expected to ship by the end of April 2024.

Brookwood Pocket Tactics is a game, that draws heavy inspiration from Redwall, WarCraft, and the tactics genre. Developed with the Forgotten Engine by nowheresoft and GB Studio, it immerses players in managing troops amidst a medieval animal battle. Players choose from four factions — the Khalifa of Rodents, the Sultanate of Cats, the Eashir of Birds, and the Hashd’n of Lizards — set in an Islamic-inspired world. The game offers both digital and physical copies, with the physical version including a professionally created box, cartridge, full-color manual, and sticker sheet.

The narrative unfolds in a world transformed by a cataclysmic volcanic eruption, resulting in the emergence of mystical crystals pulsating with raw magic. Amidst newfound abundance, tribal factions — the Khalifa, Sultanate, Eashir, and Hashd’n — vie for dominance, leading to conflict fueled by diverging ideologies. An unlikely alliance between the Khalifa and Sultanate confronts the formidable Eashir, leading to years of uneasy peace. However, as tensions rise and old wounds resurface, the fragile treaty faces the threat of collapse.

The game’s development credits include Jared Hansen for coding and graphics, with music and sound effects sourced from the GB Studio Community Assets.


  • Game Concept: Brookwood Pocket Tactics is a game inspired by Redwall, WarCraft, and tactics, offering a medieval animal battle.
  • Development: Created with Forgotten Engine and GB Studio for engaging gameplay.
  • Factions and Setting: Players choose from four factions in an Islamic-inspired world.
  • Available Copies: Offers digital and physical versions with additional items in the physical edition which includes a professionally created box, cartridge, full-color manual, and sticker sheet.
  • Narrative: Set in a post-volcanic eruption world, factions vie for dominance, risking peace.
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