Metroidvania Voidwrought coming to Switch in 2024

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21 March 2024
by quence 0

2D action-platformer Voidwrought has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. This is a Metroidvania game from developer Powersnake. The Switch version was announced during today’s Future Games Show Spring Showcase. It will be released sometime in 2024. Check out a brand new trailer above, and find more info below.

Voidwrought is a fast-paced action-platformer with tight traversal, varied abilities, and formidable boss battles. Find and equip powerful Artifacts to customize your playstyle. Excavate into the rubble of the Gray City to construct a shrine filled with loyal followers.

Delve Beneath the Surface

Descend below the star-scorched surface and explore the multidimensional depths below. Witness the corrupted revelry of the Court, lose yourself in the icy tunnels of the Old Waters, and discover the grim fate of the Abandoned Expedition.

With sharp controls, engaging exploration, and deep lore to discover, Voidwrought is a dynamic addition to the modern Metroidvania genre.

Unleash Ancient Artifacts

The world is filled with treasures sought by the learned, the brave, and the mad. Scour the halls of your shrine, rend the corpses of defeated deities, and hunt in the hidden corners of the cosmos to find Artifacts capable of granting unique powers.

Discover and equip over 30 Artifacts, from spectral weapons to passive buffs, to match your preferred playstyle.

Build your Shrine

Some still cling to the original faith. From a tiny cult, expand your influence and excavate further into the ruins. As you expand your shrine and followers, new secrets, rewards, and horrors come to light.


  • Experience smooth, satisfying movement and tight controls.
  • Explore atmospheric, hand-drawn biomes, from the star-scorched Surface to the biomechanical Abandoned Expedition.
  • Fight over 70 enemies and 10 formidable bosses.
  • Customize your playstyle with over 30 active and passive Artifacts.
  • Expand your shrine to discover new treasures, abilities, and secrets.
  • Enjoy a rich, foreboding score by Anima: Song of the Abyss and Vigil: The Longest Night composer Jouni Valjakka.

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