Farewell North has been announced for Nintendo Switch with a release date of August 15, 2024. This is an atmospheric exploration game from developer Kyle Banks. You’ll play as a Border Collie and its owner exploring the wilderness. Check out a brand new trailer up above, with more game info below.

Restore Color to the World

Explore the islands and uncover memories in order to restore color to the archipelago, unlocking new paths, extinguishing hazards and revealing hidden objects. Explore the hand crafted, atmospheric islands while evading the creatures that would hold you back.

Free Wildlife

Discover and activate frozen wildlife to temporarily bring color back to the world, revealing hidden objects and paths, and distracting the monsters who would harm you.

Discover Hidden Paths

Solve puzzles based on perspective and coloring to reveal hidden objects and paths in the environment. Find the perfect vantage point to reveal the secrets of the islands.

Explore Land and Sea

Journey at your own pace, running through lush grassy fields, hiking steep cliffs, and canoeing the ocean between an open world chain of islands inspired by the Scottish archipelagos of St. Kilda and Orkney. Discover new islands and challenges throughout the world as you work to restore color.

Uncover a Unique Story About Saying Farewell

Unravel a unique story about saying farewell as memories reveal a glimpse into the life of the characters. Discover the events in the past which have led the characters to the archipelago, and caused all color to leave the world.

Key Features

  • Restore color to a vibrant, hand crafted world, inspired by the Scottish highlands and the famous isles of St. Kilda and Orkney
  • Play as an energetic border collie helping a young woman recover the memories of her life, and uncover the mystery of a colorless world
  • Experience two distinct visual modes, with unique challenges and mechanics in each
  • Unravel an original story of overcoming depression, and saying farewell
  • Discover monsters, creatures and wildlife inspired by the rich history of Scottish folklore
  • Travel by foot and by canoe as you make your way through the atmospheric isles
  • For fans of games like Journey, GRIS and Lost Ember

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