Last year, Overwatch 2 fans were disappointed to learn that Overwatch 2’s promised PVE ‘Hero Missions’ were no longer being developed. The game did receive a series of PVE content in the form of ‘Story Missions’, however it sounds like there won’t be any more of those in the future either.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the development team’s plans have shifted away from PVE content completely. Any PVE content that may have been in the works up until this point will no longer be finished or released. A Blizzard representative responded to the article, and gave the following statement, which seems to confirm any speculation:

[We are] focusing on the foundational team-based experience, building the game alongside our players, and more quickly addressing their feedback… Decisions like these are in service to our community and based on feedback, which is also good for our business and the future of the game.

[Blizzard, Bloomberg]

A recent article from Kotaku sheds some more light on the behind the scenes issues that may have led to this decision. It sounds like plans were originally in place to have new story missions released every 18 months, but things were repeatedly tied up due to delays and lack of finished content. Some sources indicate that development on the PVE content was too difficult, and Blizzard didn’t feel that the effort to finish the work was justified.

PVE content or no, Overwatch 2 continues to receive updates, and recently announced some big changes for the upcoming Season 10. Stay tuned.

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