Jack Black is well known as a video game aficionado, in addition to his acting and singing careers. In fact, he’s been making a name for himself in a few video game adaptations as of late with The Super Mario Bros. Movie and the upcoming Borderlands. We’re seeing more and more video game movies coming out of Hollywood, but according to Jack Black, there should be more!

In a recent interview with Total Film, Black called out the games of developer Rockstar as being obvious contenders for film adaptations. Specifically, he mentions Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. (Actually, there was reportedly a GTA movie in discussion at one point, but it never came to fruition.) Read Jack Black’s thoughts below:

I can’t believe they haven’t already started making a movie of any of the Rockstar Games – Grand Theft Auto, but especially Red Dead Redemption. Those things are already like movies, you know? I guess that’s the thing. Some video games are already halfway there to telling those kind of stories, and there are some movies that are like video games.

[Jack Black, Total Film]

Black also discussed the interactive Black Mirror movie ‘Bandersnatch’ which is on Netflix, and allowed viewers to change the narrative like a choose-your-own-adventure story. He theorizes that maybe we’ll start to see more of this type of thing in the future, blurring the lines between game and movie. Either way, he’s here for what’s coming next. As he puts it, “We’re kind of in the middle of a video game movie renaissance right now, and I’m stoked to be a part of it.”

You can look forward to hearing more from Jack Black as Claptrap in Borderlands this summer, and presumably the recently confirmed sequel to The Super Mario Bros. Movie as well!


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3M ago

A Red Dead movie would be phenomenal. Especially if the lead was played by the one...the only...Danny DeVito.