F-ZERO 99 updated to Ver. 1.3.0

Lots of tweaks have been made

28 March 2024
by camcritiques 0

F-ZERO 99 has just been updated to version 1.3.0, adding steer assist, mirror tracks, Challenge Highlights and more, alongside various tweaks. You can download it now, and read all the details in the patch notes below:

New Additions

  • Mirror tracks have been added. The usual tracks are flipped horizontally, and tracks where the gimmicks are rearranged will appear. Mirror tracks will appear in F-ZERO 99 races, Pro Tracks, Team Battle, Mini Prix, and Mirror Grand Prix. Five Mirror Knight League tracks will be added first, followed by the Mirror Queen and Mirror King League tracks.
  • Added the Steer Assist feature. This function avoids barriers and rough patches while driving, and prevents falling off the course while jumping. You can switch the Steer Assist function ON or OFF in Options under Main Menu or from the lobby screen in each mode. You cannot use Steer Assist in Classic mode.
  • Practice Mode has been expanded. In addition to the previous 15 courses, Classic tracks and Mirror tracks are now unlocked for practice. For save data played with Ver. 1.2.1 or earlier, Classic tracks that you have already raced on will be unlocked.
  • Added Classic Mini Prix to special events. It’s a three-race series with Classic rules and courses. SILENCE, WHITE LAND II, and FIRE FIELD will appear.
  • Added Challenge Highlights. You can highlight limited-time challenges that can only be attempted for a set period of time, challenges related to ongoing events, and challenges that are close to completion. Press the L Button on the Main Menu to advance to the Challenge Highlights screen.
  • Added Boost colors and Spin Effects for machine customization, as well as backdrops, badges, and borders for Pilot Card customization. After specified conditions are met, these can be used for customization. You can check the specified conditions and perform customization by selecting Workshop on the Main Menu, then selecting Machines or Pilot Cards.

Other Adjustments and Changes

  • Pilot Card badges can now be set multiple times with the same card.
  • At least one machine card is now included among Mystery Ranks in Lucky Ranks. You can reach the Lucky Ranks screen by pressing the L Stick on the Main Menu.
  • The Private Lobby passcode can now be toggled on and off.
  • Lobby wait-time specifications have changed. Before: If no other player joins the lobby for the first 15 seconds, matching will be terminated and the race will begin. If no other player joins 10 seconds after the last player joins the lobby, matching will end and the race will begin. Private Lobbies are not subject to this specification change.
  • Made adjustments to machine balance.
  • Added penalty for players who intentionally exit a race. This applies to players with a grade of S2 or higher, and if they are penalized, they lose the same number of skill points as they would have if they had lost to all of their rivals. If you do not drive for a certain period of time during the race, give up from the pause menu, or rank out from driving the wrong way, etc., you will be penalized. Repeated communication disconnections will also result in a penalty.
  • Slightly reduced the number of skill points a player with a skill of S20 or higher loses when losing to three or four rivals.
  • With the addition of the MUTE CITY I and BIG BLUE Mirror courses in this updated data, there will now be two secret courses, one based on DEATH WIND I and the other based on MUTE CITY I. As a result, the Mini Prix that consisted of three races on secret courses has been eliminated. The two secret courses will continue to appear in the Mini Prix along with other courses in the future.
  • In F-ZERO 99 and Classic, the specification for matching players who have just started the game or who are not yet accustomed to playing the game with other players has been eliminated.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issues to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

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