Well, well, well…it looks like things at Universal Studios Hollywood are running right on schedule! According to a tweet from Universal Studios Hollywood, the Super Nintendo World portion of the park is set to open in 2023. It’s nice to have a reconfirmation on the 2023 date, even if fans near Florida will have to wait until 2025 for their version.

While fans wait for Super Nintendo World proper to open, they can look forward to visiting the Feature Presentation store in the near future. This store will include all sorts of Nintendo-related merch, so definitely keep an eye out for this one!

Thanks to Andre for the heads up!

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2y ago

I am 100% going to Super Nintendo World in California, DAY ONE!


2y ago

FINALLY! Glad a lot of the COVID issues are starting to subside and the entertainment/Park component of Nintendo’s forecasts can finally resume again.


2y ago

That's a bit of a non-announcement announcement. I think we all could have guessed it was opening in 2023. It's not like I'll get to any of them anyway.


2y ago

Depending on when in 2023 this happens, I might have to plan a trip to check this out.


2y ago

I'm so going there day one too! Can't wait!!!!


2y ago

Meh im skipping this one, ill wait for the florida one, i went to california in 2017 to e3 and i never want to go back there, such an ugly , full of trash and homeless people. Ill wait until 2025 and then go with my family to visit in florida.