Stumble Guys x Dungeons & Dragons crossover revealed

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30 March 2024
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Stumble Guys has been announced as coming to the Nintendo Switch “soon”, but we don’t yet have an official release date. While we wait, a brand new Dungeons & Dragons themed level has been added to the game, along with new classes, emotes, and more.

The latest update features a collaboration with Wizards of the Coast for a special “Stumbles & Dragons” level. The level allows you to choose between four classic D&D classes before you attempt to make it through a level of perilous obstacles. You can watch the debut trailer above, or see below for more details about how the individual new classes operate.

Fighter: The Fighter class will give the player the ability to swing a magical ax to break barrels, cut chains, and knock down other players. Each time they swing the ax they will get a small speed boost in the direction they are facing.

Wizard: What self-respecting Wizard doesn’t have a plan to escape quickly? By triggering the Wizard ability the player will teleport to a location in a straight line ahead of them. The length of this teleport is always the same, so make sure you are facing the right way to know where you will land.

Rogue: All good Rogues need a quick way to get up high to find new paths and escape observation. The Rogue ability gives you a special boosted jump, which allows you to leap over opponents, bypass hazards, and discover new routes.

Cleric: The Cleric is the embodiment of serenity and calm. Using unshakeable faith, the Cleric can protect themselves from all hazards for a short period of time through their Holy shield. Trigger this ability to make yourself immune to environmental, player, and non-player hazards.

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