Penny's Big Breakaway art director on what aspects he's most proud of

"animation was a key priority early on"

30 March 2024
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Penny’s Big Breakaway may not be a graphical showcase in terms of technical power, but it manages to make a big impression with its unique and colorful style. It’s clear that the team behind the game, Evening Star, had a very specific idea for the game’s look and feel, and they seem to be quite pleased with the results!

In a new interview with Puissance Nintendo, the game’s art director, Tom Fry, discusses some of the behind the scenes work that went into it. In addition to the game’s earliest inspirations (the verb yo-yoing), Fry also talks about what aspects of the game he’s most proud of. Turns out, he’s a big fan of the game’s chipper character animations. You can read his full quote here:

As a passionate animator and fan of animation in general I would have to say - surprise - the character animation. Across all aspects of the project, we set a number of strict parameters to ensure the scope of the project did not creep whilst driving extreme focus into certain areas where we felt they’d have the most bang for buck in terms of overall polish, and so, animation was a key priority early on. I love the Penguins which were animated by our Senior Artist, Rémi Benoist and Sailor Sheila’s cutscene ‘emotes’ which were finessed by Kieran Gates.

I would be remiss however if I did not heap praise on our supremely skilled Junior Environment Artists Claire Warren and Natalia Beltran who also poured many hours into our beautiful Bauhaus-inspired abstract geometric landscapes which I hope will make a strong impression on our audience. Vanillatown is very much an idealised vision of somewhere I could take a prolonged holiday, Penguin mobs aplenty.

[Tom Fry, Puissance Nintendo]

There’s definitely a lot to be proud of with the game’s character animations (although that may be difficult to recognize while a horde of raging penguins is attempting to drag you off the stage). Click here to read the full interview for more insight into the art direction of Penny’s Big Breakaway.

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