Developer BogoSoft has announced that their N64-era inspired platformer Corn Kidz 64 is coming to the Switch on April 19th, 2024. The title will be priced at $7 and takes up 196 mb of space.

The unique aura of bygone 64-bit worlds resurrected in this “pilot episode” 3D platformer roughly 1/3rd the size of the classics.

Seve the one-horned goat has the same reoccurring dream every night. His friend Alexis is determined to break him free but they must first deal with an issue plaguing the nearby palindrome-themed town of Wolloh’s Hollow.

  • climbing and headbutting as only a goat-type fellow could bring us
  • 1 small world, 1 large world, 2 linear tower worlds, +hub & bonus stages
  • roughly 4-8 hours of gameplay
  • fully featured world with enemies, NPCs, boss battle, and dynamic soundtrack
  • slower, weightier platforming with a not-so-overpowered hero
  • squash and stretch cartoon animation
  • impale defenseless chickeny things on your horn
  • more palindromes than da potato pad
  • cryptic secret areas
  • very belated follow-up to ancient indie platformer “Lyle in Cube Sector”

UPDATE:Corn Kidz 64 will support Switch Online Nintendo 64 controllers with a unique control scheme at launch. If you have a Switch Online N64 controller, use “trident controls” by pressing R on the title screen.

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