You might remember a few months back when Nintendo was forced to cancel plans for multiple Nintendo LIVE events in Japan due to concerns over safety for the event, showgoers, and Nintendo staff. We now know that an arrest related to those concerns has been made.

A man in his 20s has been arrested in Japan for making a whopping 39 threats against Nintendo in one way or another. The claims from the suspect included bomb threats, along with threats of bodily harm against Nintendo employees and those who would attend Nintendo’s events. Thankfully, the man never got to see any of his threats through.

While the man has been arrested for his threats, we don’t have any word as to why he made them in the first place. Should a motive or more details become available, we’ll make sure to update this story.

Thanks to Ed for the heads up!

UPDATE: The suspect in this case has now been charged with “obstructing business by force.” As to why the suspect made these various threats against Nintendo employees, events and event-goers, apparently he was doing so to fight back against “shitty games.”

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Imagine being so disgruntled at a company that you have to resort to this. Something tells me justifying this as 'constructive criticism' probably isn't going to work out for the guy.


22d ago

Imagine being so disgruntled at a company that you have to resort to this. Something tells me justifying this as 'constructive criticism' probably isn't going to work out for the guy.


22d ago

Good, they can put him inside a giant snow globe for all I care. The Deep Cut and Off the Hook concert was awesome and it was a shame people there missed it because of him, along with the real-world performers not getting their well-earned applause. It would’ve been so funny hearing people laugh during the Big Betrayal segment and the face-off between Pearl and Frye. Deep Cut posing to silence at the end of a song was a little sad as well as awkward. It brought back bad pandemic memories.

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21d ago


Maybe they'll adapt the canceled events into a future Splatoon story. Turn a misfortune into something better.


21d ago

He was probably in cahoots with Madame Sony.


12h ago

The only game I can think of would probably be the Pokémon Scarlet/Violet games and DLC? Most idiots put the blame on Nintendo solely for that when really any criticism should go towards Game Freak and The Pokémon Company.

Outside of that, I can't think of a Nintendo game that would of been popular enough and had enough scrutiny. (Was thinking maybe Everybody 1-2 Switch but that seems far too harmless of a game). Of course this is assuming it's based on something recent and not some deep rooted psycho play.

This guy really needs to calm down and rethink his priorities on life. Videogames are a luxury pastime, not a life and death scenario :/

I was also trying to guess which games he was upset about, and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet was my best guess.

I can think of policies Nintendo has that might get people upset, but not a lot of games. There have been some mild disappointments, but they're not usually attached to games with high expectations (other than Pokemon, lately). The thing is, we'd probably be surprised at what some people would deem worthy of making bomb threats. People get really nutty about hobbies they're too invested in.

So maybe it's about Pokemon's quality dip, or the unpopular direction Paper Mario's going in, or the content-light Mario sports games, or Nintendo's recent "launch it now, finish it later" trend among many other things a fan could be unhappy about.


5h ago

After all these years, homeboy's still upset about Wii Music?

Pinball FX on Nintendo Switch