Xenoblade Chronicles 3 brings with it a huge story that’s filled with interesting characters, deep lore, expansive locations and more. Throughout the journey you get to see a lot of questions asked and answers given, but not everything is wrapped up with a bow. Now it seems all you need is some patience for the answers you want.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Director/Writer Tetsuya Takahashi had more to say about the game in the just-released XC3 art book in Japan, and he had some words to share with fans who wanted their questions answered. While he didn’t outright say that future installments are coming and they’ll provide the insight you want, it certainly seems that way. You can read his statement as translated by Nintendo Everything below.

There are answers for basically all the questions and points that people wrote in the survey. Simply, I think it may not be necessary to answer any of those things now. Therefore, if we can continue to make things in the future, I think there may come a time when we are able to provide answers. For example, we are aware that there are many requests to see what happens after the ending. But if we do that, then we’d have to journey beyond Xenoblade Chronicles 3. So, I understand how people feel, but for now please wait just a little while. I’d be very grateful if fans continue to eagerly await that.

There are actually principles concerning Origin and the world of Aionios, and in fact the world was made with this reason and that reason behind it. But I won’t say what those reasons are just yet. Yeah… yeah… it’s just not the right time. So for now, it’s best if you think of it as a ‘virtual world’. It’s certainly not wrong to think of it like that. If you were the person in charge of that world, you could do anything. That was Z in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and that’s the story.

[Director/Writer Tetsuya Takahashi]

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giancarlo thomaz senoni

2M ago

Xenoblade Chronicles 4 as a Switch sucessor game, on year 4 of the console(2029)


2M ago

bet it was a practice simulator for samariians/mankind to be able to learn to deal with the threat of whatever is worse than the final boss of 3, would explain why people were afraid of samariians as well. (especially if X is faking the end of the earth in the way it is, but it atually just swapped to a 3rd dimension until it comes back much much later for reasons in 3).