This week, Fortnite got the new ‘Rebellious’ emote, which features Doja Cat’s song “Paint the Town Red”. Strangely, the word “devil” was censored when the emote was used in game. This meant that a good portion of the song’s lyrics were muted out from the song clip, which was only a few seconds long to begin with.

According to the official Fortnite Status account on Twitter, this censoring was a mistake. They have confirmed that they’ll be restoring the word ‘devil’ to the song, so that it matches the version of the song found elsewhere in the game as a Jam track.

No word yet on exactly when this fix will be in place, but they’ll most likely just drop it in whenever the next update comes. Soon, you’ll be able to hear the word ‘devil’ with impunity once more. Stay tuned.

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