A river flows through the vast grasslands of #XenobladeChronicles3’s Millick Meadows. The lush nature on display here sure looks inviting, but beware – the creatures (and even plants) who live here don’t take kindly to passers-by.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is coming ever closer to release, and to whet our appetites further, Nintendo UK has posted some new images from the game on Twitter. In these latest tweets, they’re showcasing two brand new areas included in the game. First, there’s Millick Meadows, as seen in the gallery above. Then, we got a look at Eagus Wilderness, which you can see screenshots from below.

If you like sand in your shoes, then pay a visit to #XenobladeChronicles3’s Eagus Wilderness. You may spot a familiar landmark while evading this desert’s sandstorms. Is that a…giant mechanical finger?

Both areas look absolutely gorgeous, and are filled with some extremely dangerous creatures, as one would expect from a Xenoblade Chronicles title. Nintendo UK also hints at a connection to past Xenoblade Chronicles titles… Mysterious!

Which of these two locations are you most excited to visit? You’ll get the chance to explore them both thoroughly when the game is released on July 29th.

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2y ago

Territorial Rotbart my beloved.


2y ago

Getting some cool Xenoblade X vibes from these, which is my favourite one!


2y ago

Would you look at that rock formation... Gaur Plains confirmed. Well, at least Millick Meadows used to be a part of Gaur Plains.

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