Pokémon GO players have recently reported discoveries of the water-type Pokémon Wiglett in the wild. There hasn’t been an official announcement from Niantic about Wiglett’s addition, so players have been scrambling to try and figure out exactly how to find one. It turns out that using some online map tools, fans can pinpoint where to catch an elusive Wiglett pretty accurately!

The technique in question was shared on Reddit by user InsaneNutter. Using OpenStreetMap software online (which is linked to Pokémon GO’s in-game maps), they searched for locations that had the designation of “beach” or “coastal” as those are the areas in which a Wiglett might appear. Certain watery areas that aren’t necessarily what you’d consider a “beach” still count for Wiglett spawns. Thus, if you use the search tool, you might be able to go and find one without having to travel too far.

Click here to get the detailed rundown of how the process works and try it for yourself. Good luck out there, Wiglett hunters!

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