SEGA celebrates 33 years of the Game Gear

Gear up for a good time

26 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Looking to make yourself feel incredibly old? We’ve got the perfect stat to do so, as the Game Gear is officially celebrating its 33rd anniversary! In honor of the occasion, SEGA has put together a special tribute for the Game Gear that showcases the portable in all of its glory. Get ready for an overload of nostalgia!

Even if you didn’t own a Game Gear back in the day (or you were even around in its heyday!), there’s still more than enough ways to enjoy some of the portable’s classics. With the Switch alone, you can experience plenty of the Gear Gear’s best through various collections and revamps that SEGA and other devs have released over the year. Just dig a bit on the Switch eShop and you might be surprised with how much Gamer Gear content there is!

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2M ago

My cousin had a Game Gear, but I didn't get to play it much. It was neat getting to play games in color on the go, but the battery life was what allowed Game Boy to win out. Who knows how the mobile scene would have gone if Sega had a more reasonable battery life option for the Game Gear even if it was something like a brightness slider to decrease battery consumption even though six AA batteries was still steep.

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