If you’ve been thinking your Poké Ball tossing in Pokémon GO has been off lately, don’t worry. It turns out it’s an issue with the game and not you.

Pokémon GO Trainers have noticed that the game’s most recent update unintentionally introduced a new glitch that impacts how you toss your Poké Balls. While the Poké Ball curveball throw has been in the game for years now, it’s currently quite broken, causing Trainers to miss their tosses. Niantic is yet to address the issue, but Trainers have found a temporary fix for some mobile players.

Apparently this problem is tied to phones with a “Native Refresh Rate” option. For whatever reason, this setting is interfering with throws, causing them to veer off course. If your phone has a Native Refresh Rate option, turning it on will make a huge difference in your throws. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s much better than suffering through the glitch.

There’s no doubt Niantic will clean this issue up. Hopefully they tackle it soon, and we’ll keep you posted on when the fix is coming.


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1M ago

yea, its most likely due to the backgrounds requiring more performance or something, making it go lower than 60fps which can cause missread inputs in any game really.