The Nintendo DS is Nintendo’s crowning achievement. They’ve never had a piece of hardware surpass it in terms of sales, but Nintendo believes they’ve got a fighting chance with the Switch.

Nintendo has shared their forecast for Fiscal Year 2025, which is set to end March 2025. In this current fiscal year, Nintendo believes the Switch will sell another 13.5 million units. That’s a considerable downgrade over the last fiscal year, but with the system getting this long in the tooth, the drop isn’t unexpected by any means.

If Nintendo hits that 13.5 million unit Switch total in this fiscal year, that’ll put the system at 154.82 million units sold worldwide. That would be enough to beat out the Nintendo DS install base, which reached 154.02 million units worldwide when all was said and done. It’s a lofty goal for sure, but it seems doable. Even if Nintendo doesn’t hit that figure in this current fiscal year, the Switch could still surpass the DS in the fiscal year after.

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1M ago

Surpassing the DS would almost assuredly mean passing the PS2. The two systems ended within 1% of each other, so if they think Switch is on track to surpassing DS, that means it's on track to becoming the best-selling game system of all time.