An update is available for Mortal Kombat 1. You can find the patch notes for this update below.

Nintendo Switch

  • Fixed announcer’s voice getting cut off after selecting Arena in practice mode
  • Fixed issue where Kung Lao’s hat is missing during the intro cinematic
  • Fixed Kenshi’s ‘Festival Disguise’ skin to properly change to equipped palette

General Fixes & Adjustments

  • Move list corrections & Localization fixes
  • Added Mavado Kameo to Roster
  • Adjusted head physics during The Klassic Brutality
  • Fixed rare issue that could cause a crash while using the Copilot feature on Xbox


  • Fixed issue that could cause Xbox players to see a blank pop-up when receiving an invite from a Krossplay Private King of the Hill
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur while using Social Menu


  • Some Encounters in Season of Huntress are no longer required to reach the Season Boss
  • Dark Star Johnny Cage Energy Balls now do less damage
  • Adjusted difficulty of Raiden Trial: IV Encounter
  • Fixed rare issue that allowed player to walk through gate in Fengjian Village without using the Tea Kettle key
  • Fixed rare issue that could cause some opponents to have incorrect names during Ambush fights
  • Fixed rare issue in Tea House Mesa that could cause the camera to behave incorrectly
  • Fixed issue that could cause Geras Time Trial III to not complete if he takes damage
  • Fixed “Inner Titan” Talisman still granting infinite super meter after the buff has expired
  • Fixed rare issue in some encounters that could cause the opponent to have an incorrect animation after winning the match

Character Specific Adjustments

Main Fighters

  • Sub-Zero
  • Fixed issue that could cause Ice Slide to clip into opponent when cancelled into from Attacks near the edge of the Arena
  • Quan Chi
  • Fixed issue with “Charged by Nether” and “Seeking Power” skins using the same palette

Kameo Fighters

  • Shujinko (Kameo)
  • Adjusted how Kopy Kat & Mimic are displayed in move list
  • Fixed issues with move list that could occur after a Practice Reset while morphed into opponent Shang Tsung’s Kameo
  • Adjusted when Shujinko can be pushed by opponent during Mimic Triple Ground Skull
  • Fixed lingering sound effects that could occur during Mimic Ermac’s Death Embrace
  • Sonya (Kameo)
  • Slightly increased recharge delay of Energy Rings when used more than once in the same combo

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