ANIMAL WELL is a tough game to understand at first glance. The game’s screens and trailers seem to indicate that it’s some sort of exploration-based game, or perhaps even a Metroidvania. Those ideas are easy enough, but what exactly are you doing in the game, and what’s the main goal? Sharing those detail would spoil the fun.

In an interview with the NY Times, Dan Adelman, lead on business development for ANIMAL WELL, acknowledge the tricky business of spreading the word on the game. A lot of the title’s magic lies in its secrets, and the team doesn’t want to take that away from players.

“It is a difficult game to market because you cannot communicate its secrets. You cannot communicate how good it feels to play.” - Dan Adelman

If a game chock-full of secrets and mystery is up your alley, then you can give ANIMAL WELL a try on Switch today. You’ll spend time exploring an intricate labyrinth to uncover its many secrets, and spelunk through a beautiful and sometimes haunting world of Animal Well. You can explore and collect items in whatever order you choose, and you never know what’ll be around the next turn!

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2M ago

Don't worry. Dunkey is spreading the word all across the net.