All the way back in 1998, gaming magazine EGM played an April Fool’s joke on its readers. They claimed that players could unlike Street Fighter character Akuma in Resident Evil 2 by beating the game six times with an A rank using only the handgun and knife, then entering the name Akuma in a lab computer. This is the type of classically elaborate video game hoax that spread like wildfire on school playgrounds back in the day, but now one fan has turned it into a reality.

Modder Snipzu has created a mod for Resident Evil 2 that actually allows you to play as Akuma, just as EGM promised decades ago. No elaborate tricks are required for this unlock, and you’ll even be able to use Akuma’s elite Street Fighter skills to take down zombies and monsters. Check out some footage from the mod below:

If you’d like to fulfill your childhood dream of playing as Akuma in Resident Evil 2, you can grab the mod for free at this link. You can also click here for more info on the original EGM hoax.

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