Gravity Game Arise has announced that they’re bringing KAMiBAKO: Mythology of Cube to the Nintendo Switch on August 29, 2024. This is an RPG featuring turn based combat and puzzle solving. There will be both a digital and physical release in Japan, but a date has not been announced yet for a Western release. The Japanese version will not support other languages.

You can check the game out in action via the new trailer above, or read more details below. Hopefully we’ll hear about an English translation of the game on Switch soon!

Map-Crafting x Puzzles x Battle x RPG!?

Repair the fragmented land through puzzles, and rid the world of darkness by defeating monsters. All resources obtained through repairing the land can then be used to design the world to your liking! The medley of genres in this RPG is surprisingly accessible to players of all types, but there’s no shortage of challenging elements, too! A variety of activities and a vast world lie ahead. It’s up to you to repair what has been destroyed and restore peace.

A Sprawling Overworld

Our adventure takes place in the distant continent of Noahtun, a region rich in land and sea with various seasons. As you move through the overworld, the land will materialize where you advance. What awaits in the untouched regions of the world? New encounters? Battles? Perhaps an instance of fragmentation? Find out for yourself by traveling to every corner of the land.


Restoration Puzzles are a mission exclusive to the Restorer. By clearing the puzzle, the fragmentation of the land is then eliminated, restoring the land to its former state.


If the land has not been afflicted with fragmentation, it can be developed to have farmland, buildings, and other facilities so you can harvest crops and various resources. As you develop the land, more resources can be obtained and even stores can be accessed. Once a certain number of facilities have been established and the area is enclosed by fences, walls, or gates, it will become a village or town and you can give it a unique name.


A variety of monsters may appear in the land you explore. They can harm or damage the land they occupy, so be sure to take care of them with the help of your teammates. When battle commences, your teammates will attack automatically. Your role as the Restorer will be to grant Mana to them throughout the battles duration. Through granting them Mana, the skill sets in their weapons will be charged, eventually allowing them to perform an extra powerful attack.


Long ago…

Seemingly out of nowhere, the world suddenly began to fall to pieces, fragmenting into cubes. Amidst the disaster many lives were lost, and spawned from this calamity came natural disasters, decimating all land and water.

The balance of the world was offset, and people’s lives were forever changed.

The disastrous phenomenon that reduces the land to cubes, what became known as the “fragmentation,” continued to spread throughout the world with no signs of stopping.

To restore the order of the world, the goddess Chroem selected an individual to fulfill the role of “Restorer,” the one who would restore the lands. They were tasked to journey across the world and rebuild all that had been destroyed.

The tale of our Restorer, begins now.

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