Overmorrow is a serene, nonviolent, exploration adventure game that’s coming to Switch on May 17th, 2024, and it has one very interesting mechanic that’ll no doubt get people talking. You basically have a month to get all your exploration done, as Overmorrow will delete your save after 30 days.

Overmorrow has a gameplay focus on unguided exploration and big-picture puzzle solving. With a distinctive visual style and a peculiar, mysterious metanarrative, this game is sure to give you a unique indie experience.

In Overmorrow, the more Runes you discover, the more actions you can perform in a single day, and the deeper you may explore the mysterious island. There is no time limit, so be sure to fully enjoy the tranquil spaces in this fixed camera 2D game, where every screen contains unique art and curious secrets.

When your Runes have been exhausted, resting will replenish them, but also progress the day count and narrative. After 30 in-game days, your save is deleted. However, in Overmorrow, things are rarely as they seem on the surface, and that is just one more step to discovering the game’s many mysteries.

Will you be able to unearth all of Overmorrow’s mysteries in a month’s time? You can dive in on May 17th, 2024 and find out for yourself!

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29d ago

DEV 1: "I just can't find this bug."
DEV 2: " Me neither. It just keeps deleting the save after thirty days."
DEV 3: "If we can't fix it, what will we do?"
TEAM LEADER: "Hang on a minute, lads... I've got a great idea!"