If you’ve ever tried to take your horse into a hot area like Goron City in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ve discovered that it’s impossible… or so we thought. Normally, riding a horse into those regions will cause them to catch fire and burn up quickly. However, a new video from Gaming Reinvented showcases a nifty little glitch that allows you to give your horse a permanent freezing condition, effectively making them immune to heat!

Utilizing this trick means you’ll be able to take them safely into areas in the Eldin Region, and even go shopping with them or take them on certain missions while there. It also makes your horse lava-proof (sort of)!

The trick involves gliding down from a specific area, then shooting your horse with an ice arrow with expert timing. Watch the video above to see it in action, then go forth with your newfound knowledge of how to protect your horse from scalding temperatures.

Thanks to Cheat Master for the heads up!

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