SMITE has been updated to Ver. 11.5 (Bonus) which includes various balance adjustments. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


This Bonus Balance is somewhat light, but with a big midseason shakeup on the way in 11.6, we did not want to make too many adjustments. We aimed to shift only the most common community talking points, as there is so much to come in just a little longer!


With the recent changes in 11.5, Junglers have gone through a bit of whiplash from Jotunn’s Wrath being a mainstay first item directly to Blackthorn Hammer. Though we are still happy with the pace that Junglers are getting their items, we want to make sure that Junglers are able to feel good about getting a true aggressive item early. Decreased Physical Power from 40 to 35


Increased Physical Power from 35 to 40


Duality clearly did not hit the mark we were aiming for, so we are giving it a couple big buffs to make it more worth the luxury price point. It will now not debuff your Basic Attacks at all, so you’ll gain a big chunk of extra damage! Increased Physical Power from 40 to 55 Decreased Cooldown from 5s to 3s Removed Basic Attack Damage reduction Decreased Proc Damage from 50% of your Basic Attack Power to 25% of your Basic Attack Power This change equates to 100% of your Basic Attack Power + 25% of your Basic Attack Power + 100% damage from any ability item procs

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