The tower defense game Bean Beasts has been announced for the Nintendo Switch from publisher Anxious Noob. This announcement came during today’s Next Indie Direct presentation. The game will be officially coming to the PC via Steam this Winter, with the Switch version coming sometime in early 2025. Unfortunately, no more specific release date has been announced, so you’ll have to stay tuned for more info!

Click here to view the game’s latest trailer, and find more info below.

Evolve your Bean Beasts! Bean Beasts gain experience and evolve to unlock additional attacks.

Use powerful abilities!Each Beast comes with a unique special ability and secondary attack.

Upgrade your Traps! Choose the path to best suit your strategy.

Re-Path your Foes! Use walls to redirect enemies however you see fit.

Game Features:

  • 10 unique Bean Beasts, each with 3 evolution stages.
  • 12 unique Traps, each with 2 upgrade paths.
  • 21 individual player-triggered abilities, including 5 summons.
  • 40 hand-crafted levels spanning 5 biomes.
  • 8 epic boss encounters.
  • Plus 8 endless mode maps.
  • A new Beast, Trap or Upgrade unlocked after every level.
  • 4 difficulty options - from beginner to beast mode.
  • Over 50 different enemies to challenge your tactical skills.
  • 2 damage types, 5 damage elements and 7 status effects.
  • Use of physics and gravity to shove your opponents.
  • Custom music, artwork and juicy sound effects.

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