Preheat your ovens to 350°F, set up your mise en place, and get ready for a scrumptious and magical journey! Whitethorn Games, known for their inclusive and easy-going titles like APICO, Calico, Botany Manor, and Lake, along with solo developer sKaule, are excited to announce the release of their enchanting new game, Magical Delicacy. This Metroidvania-lite-meets-cooking adventure will be available on Nintendo Switch starting July 16th, 2024.

Enter the Enchanting World of Grat

In Magical Delicacy, players step into the shoes of Flora, a young witch with dreams of mastering her magical culinary skills. Flora travels to the adventurer’s town of Grat, a cozy harbor town brimming with charming townsfolk, mysterious travelers, and legendary figures. Here, she sets up shop to cook meals and potions, discovering the unique stories of the town’s diverse inhabitants along the way.

Gameplay Features

Magical Delicacy offers a delightful mix of exploration, cooking, and magical adventures. Here are some of the key features players can look forward to:

  • Collect Ingredients and Recipes: Gather a variety of ingredients from local shops, forage through the town, or grow them in your garden. Trade, quest, and explore to discover new recipes.
  • Creative Cooking System: Utilize an extensive cooking system that allows for flexible and creative culinary creations. Fulfill even the most peculiar orders from Grat’s residents.
  • Build and Upgrade Your Kitchen: Create the kitchen of your dreams by commissioning new equipment. Enhance your culinary capabilities to produce even more delicious dishes.
  • Wholesome Story and Exploration: Experience a heartwarming, linear narrative filled with witchy wonder and intrigue. Engage in optional encounters and enjoy free play opportunities.
  • Metroidvania-Inspired Exploration: Traverse the 2D platformer world of Grat, gain new abilities, unlock shortcuts, and reach new areas as you uncover the town’s secrets.
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