Discounty coming to Switch in 2025

Not dat county, dis county

08 June 2024
by quence 0

Discounty has officially been announced for the Nintendo Switch. This is a cozy sim management/RPG in which you run your very own supermarket. It’ll be available on Switch sometime in 2025. Stay tuned for more info and a firm release date.

Manage your own supermarket, explore the tight-knit community of Blomkest, build friendships or make enemies as you uncover the town’s secrets in this cozy management sim RPG!

Step into the quirky harbour town of Blomkest, where your aunt has entrusted you with managing its only supermarket. Design and organise your shop, manage stock levels, work the checkout, and strike trade deals. Build relationships with the charming locals, and grow your business empire while navigating community dynamics. Use every tool at your disposal to expand your business, but be mindful: rapid growth might ruffle a few feathers in this tight-knit community. Will you pursue endless profits, or find a way to benefit everyone in Blomkest?

Your aunt has invited you to manage the local store, ‘Discounty’, in the run-down harbour town of Blomkest. But beware, not everyone wants you to succeed.

Explore Blomkest after business hours and get to know the townsfolk. Turn them into loyal patrons of Discounty and uncover the town’s hidden secrets.

Create an eye-catching, efficient store by rearranging shelves and products. Design inviting aisles for easy navigation and add decorations to encourage purchases!

Blomkestians don’t take well to newcomers. Gain manufacturers’ trust, make trade deals, and sell local specialty goods to boost Discounty profits!

Keep shelves stocked, floors clean, and the storage room organised. Ring up customers shopping promptly to keep them happy! No one likes waiting around…

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