Freeride has been confirmed for a release on Switch sometime in early 2025. Even better, there’s a free demo that’s available to download on Switch right now! This is an RPG about navigating the spirit world and helping the strange individuals you meet there. Try it for yourself by downloading the demo from the Switch eShop!

Hop aboard a Fate Train to the Spirit World, discovering wondrous landscapes and strange characters. But be warned – the future of this world may very well rest on your knobby little shoulders.


Use your newfound Physics-Based Telekinetic powers to do… whatever you want! Chuck fish! Play basketball! Solve puzzles! Fight demons! The choice is yours, as are the consequences.


Discover a colourful cast of Spirits, each with their own goals, troubles and motivations. Help them repair broken relationships and solve their Unfinished Business. Who knows, maybe they’ll help you, too.


The story of Freeride is shaped by your decisions, both Conscious and Unconscious. Go looking for a fight and you’ll find one. Want drama? There’s pllllllenty~ of that. <3

… Oh, and did we mention it’s a Personality Test?

The ways you interact with the game on its most fundamental levels will be watched carefully and tallied up into a Personality Outcome. Don’t like what you got? Go back and try again. Because in Freeride… You are who you choose to be.

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