Pokémon fan creates realistic life-size Eevee doll

Pokémon are now one step closer to being real

21 May 2022
by quence 1

It’s the dream of every Pokémon fan to have one for a pet in real life, and someone decided to make that dream come true! YouTuber KaypeaCreations has created a realistic, life-size Eevee doll using 3D sculpted resin art and various other crafting materials. Unlike the official Pokémon merch you can buy, this Eevee is designed to replicate what it might actually look like were it a real animal in our world. In the video above, you can witness the entire process; from a model on a computer, to a physical doll with fur and painted features.

Six months back, KaypeaCreations put together their first Pokémon resin art creation, a Houndoom doll, and they’ve done works inspired by Animal Crossing and Okami too. Which Pokémon or other video game series would you most like to see get this treatment?

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2y ago

No thanks. Nightmare fuel.