Sakurai shares that he recently had a meeting with HAL

Let the Kirby Air Ride 2 speculation begin

25 May 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 4

With Smash Bros. Ultimate done and dusted, fans have been wondering what Masahiro Sakurai is going to tackle next. Many are hoping the Smash creator is going to take a very long, well-deserved break, but there’s little doubt he’ll get to work on a new project at some point. While we have no official clue as to what Sakurai is taking on, he did share a statement that’s leading to speculation.

Sakurai recently took to Twitter to mention that he had an online meeting with HAL. Sakurai worked as part of HAL over 20 years ago, and this meeting let him catch up with some former colleagues. He said that even though so much time had passed, the bond between himself and the rest of the team was still quite strong.

Sakurai is keenly aware that anything he shares online will get discussed, speculated on, and twisted a million different ways. We have no idea if Sakurai’s meeting with HAL was just for fun, or if there was some other elements to the virtual gathering. Anything you hear otherwise is pure speculation at this point. If Sakurai is teaming with HAL for something new, the time for a reveal isn’t here yet!

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2y ago

"Smash news?! It must be Smash news! Is it Smash news?! Smash news?! Smash 6?! Melee HD?! Geno confirmed?! Quick, everyone get your hopes up NOW! As far as they can go! Do not stop until you are absolutely certain that you will fall into a despairing tantrum from sheer disappointment when it turns out to not be whatever you fantasized about!"

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2y ago

Kirby fighters 3, smaller project that would be a vacation for him i bet!


2y ago

Given his last comment saying "You may see me in the near future in a place that has nothing to do with game production", this is pretty interesting.

I'm gonna guess he and his team are producing an animated series. Possibly a Kirby one, given he's the creator.

Smash Bros has had some killer character reveal animations over the years, I wonder if that may have spurred some interest in pursuing a full on animated series.

Omigosh yes! I'm running around screaming about 10 more smash fighters about to be announced next month! Move it or lose it grandma!