Check out new gameplay of the Trinity Trigger demo

Get a glance at the world of the latest RPG from Three Rings

26 May 2022
by camcritiques 3

Action-RPG Trinity Trigger just got a demo today, and YouTube channel justonegamr has uploaded a full playthrough for those curious. You can check it out below:

Trinity Trigger is an action RPG from publisher FuRyu and developer Three Rings, known for their work on Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town and game adaptations of popular anime such as Tokyo Ghoul and One Piece. It’s currently dated for September 15th in Japan, though we still have no word on any sort of worldwide release.

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2y ago

I don't know why so many people liked the stamina bar from SECRET of MANA. All it does is slow down the game.


2y ago


Because it doesn't reward button mashing like in other games in the genre. So if you charge into a mob thinking you'll spam them to death, you'll have another thing coming. The Secret of Mana remake on Playstation and Steam also remove spell chaining so you can't spam that way in the remake either.

You have to be more tactical in how you approach battle as a result. I can agree with one spot where the stamina bar fails at: The gloves' throw attack. It has a chance of happening when you're spamming attack on the enemy, but you don't get full damage as a result. You may get like 1-5 HP damage spamming to get a throw with the gloves. Not worth it in that one and only one case.

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2y ago


The TRIALS of MANA remake didn't have the stamina bar though and it worked perfectly. You still had to be mindful of enemies' counter attacks and the best tactic was to circle around them if possible.