Wholesome Direct Announced for June 2022

Innocent, indie fun for all

12 March 2022
by kissmyflapjack 3

Wholesome Games has announced plans for their own streaming presentation - appropriately named Wholesome Direct - to make a return in June 2022. And what’s more, they are open to submissions for indie developers to submit their work and the opportunity to share some of the spotlight this summer.

Among the over 70 games shown at last year’s brisk-moving Direct were trailers for notable games like Skatebird, Bear and Breakfast, Garden Story, and Unpacking. This year’s show looks to continue the trend of bringing attention to smaller uplifting and unique titles with a specific date to be announced in the future.

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2y ago

YES! We all need more wholesome content! :3


2y ago

Hooray. Let's all get ready for cat cafes and a dozen Paper Mario lookalikes.


2y ago


Wasn't there also like, 5 games about taking pictures?